M3FS was created because years of research and experience have indicated that healthcare facilities needed specialized attention when it comes to their accounts receivable. We know, quality of patient care doesn’t stop with good bedside manner. In today’s highly competitive healthcare industry, all the components of your organization must be well-balanced, from quality of patient care to effective business management. Healthcare organizations are searching for ways to reduce their costs without sacrificing quality of care. M3 Financial Services provides the solutions.

Our “can do” approach comes from knowing we have the best personnel, technology, performance and customer service available.

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Company Philosophy

M3FS is entirely focused on providing maximum results for our clients. Our approach is a unique non-adversarial, debt reduction approach to resolving delinquency problems.

M3FS loads referrals electronically, reconciles accounts with clients, provides standard and customized reports, provides flexible payment arrangement opportunities, accepts credit cards and check-by-phone, refers accounts to credit bureau and/or undertakes legal judgement (with client approval), has an efficient month end process, and interfaces electronically with client host systems

Our professional staff are experienced in every phase of accounts receivable management. M3FS experts provide specialized services for billing, claims management, collections, and even management of the entire Business Office.