If your problem is related to your accounts receivable, we have the solution. We are a step ahead of providing basic debt collection services; M3FS is a complete accounts receivable solution. We can handle everything from basic billing functions to creating a customized account management system for you.

Revenue Cycle Company

  • M3 Financial Services, Inc specializes in medical revenue cycle services
  • Outsourced business office services
    • Customized Early Out (SPARC)
    • Insurance Small Balance Outsource
  • “Bad Debt” services
    • Self pay collections agency services
    • Aged Insurance denial, appeals, follow up
  • A/R cleanup from system conversion
  • Medicaid eligibility application services (MANG)
  • Success driven company because of:
    • Respect for patients
    • Legendary Customer Service
    • Strong technology back-end
    • Talented staff – average of 10 years in the industry

Customized Early Out – SPARC

  • SPARC = Self Pay Advocacy & Receivables Collection
  • Customized pre-collect services; typically, aged less than 75 days in self pay
  • Specially trained staff:
    • Focus on patient experience while driving down the self pay A/R
    • Soft approach that combines customer relations, obtains feedback from patients and increases perception of quality of care
    • All contact with patient is in the name of the provider/client
    • More revenue is recovered at a lower commission rate; phenomenal recovery results!
  • Customized Integrated systems solutions for each client!
    • Upload/download of notes daily to sync up SPARC and Client systems
    • Upload/download of payments and adjustments daily so that SPARC and Client systems reflect the same balance

Insurance Small Balance – Outsourced

  • This program allows hospitals to outsource outstanding insurance small balances to M3 so that their staff can be freed up to focus on larger revenue claims
  • Integrated solutions with scheduling and follow up to generate maximum revenue possible
  • Outsourcing small balance has positive impact on Days Outstanding – both ends of the portfolio are covered in the same month
  • Technology:
    • Workflow systems to schedule and follow up on claims
    • Interface to hospital and physician systems
    • Upload and download notes and payment transactions

M3 Collect – Bad Debt

  • M3 Collect is distinguished as a premier quality provider of collection services – our collectors are versed in billing and collections
  • Fully licensed and bonded collection agency
    • Our associates have an average of 10 years in the field and have a reputation for success
    • Our approach is a unique non-adversarial, debt reduction approach to resolving delinquency problems
    • Our collection methods are proven –we consistently achieve 10% to 20% better collection results than those published by the American Collector’s Association as national healthcare recovery averages for their trade group
  • M3 Collect assists in the Charity identification process; We implement our clients’ charity policies
  • M3 Collect interfaces with a myriad of hospital and physician systems to electronically load collection referrals files from systems such as Siemens, Meditech, CPSI, EPIC, IDX and more…

Insurance Follow Up – Bad Debt

  • Experts in insurance denial management and follow up
  • Success in:
    • Evaluating contracts to determine underpayments and/or contract non-compliance
    • Reversing cases considered as “uncollectible” for reasons such as:
      • Pre-existing condition
      • Lack of medical necessity
      • Efficacy of treatment
      • Charges over usual and customary, and
      • Policy plan limitations
  • Strong work flow processes to track status and deadlines

A/R Cleanup Services

  • Specialized project to “clean up” existing A/R as a result of a backlog from a system conversion (pre or post)
  • Allow your staff to focus on the A/R from the new system while we focus on old A/R
  • Our systems can be the repository of all healthcare data while you migrate to another system
  • M3FS staff will apply its expertise in insurance and self pay to “find the buck”